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  • ⚡️【Optimization】Automatically focus on input when double-clicking to edit data
  • ⚡️【Optimization】Automatically bring up the database focused on the tree node when clicking the plus sign to create a new console in the Console tab
  • ⚡️【Optimization】After AI conversation, do not clear the current text content
  • 🐞【Fix】Issue with collapsing functions, procedures, triggers
  • 🐞【Fix】Issue where no error message is displayed when data changes result in errors
  • 🐞【Fix】Issue with emoji garbling in default avatars
  • 🐞【Fix】Issue where clicking on a table in the tree does not display the ddl in the right information bar
  • 🐞【Fix】Issue where Oracle does not display schema
  • 🐞【Fix】Issue with deleting group errors
  • 🐞【Fix】Issue with local data source storage errors
  • 🐞【Fix】Query the total number of tables
  • 🐞【Fix】Unable to resolve now() time issue
  • 🐞【Fix】Unable to resolve issue where event cannot be created



  • ⭐【New feature】Data source supports grouping
  • ⚡️【Optimization】Optimize personal center information display and enhance paying user experience
  • ⚡️【Optimization】Optimized the App lag problem
  • ⚡️【Optimization】Optimize the overall UI of the App
  • ⚡️【Optimization】Improved dark mode vision (Handsome dark mode is highly recommended)
  • ⚡️【Optimization】View all tables Support more information display, support right click operation
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Mac Black screen issue
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】The SQL content exported is correct, but the suffix is incorrect
  • If you cannot complete the automatic update, please go to (opens in a new tab) to download the version



  • ⭐【New Feature】Support for lifetime membership
  • ⭐【New Feature】No need to log in daily after logging in
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed an issue where queries would keep loading due to errors in SQL syntax
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed an issue where editing table structure and only changing the field's null property would result in loss of table structure
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed a problem where viewing the update log resulted in a 404 error



  • ⭐【New Feature】Support for adjusting the editor font size
  • ⭐【New Feature】Added a re-subscription entry in the settings
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed certain database connection issues
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed login-related issues
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed a series of issues with hot updates
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed an issue where stored procedures and views could not be viewed on the desktop version
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed an issue with headers overflowing on the query results page in the desktop version



  • ⭐【New Feature】Support for one-click migration of community edition data sources to Pro version
  • ⭐【New Feature】Support for clone links
  • ⚡️【Optimization】Optimized the scrollbar of the query results page
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed the issue where the application would get stuck on the startup page
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed the data source information is garbled
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed the issue of data source import errors
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed the issue where the scrollbar could not be dragged
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed the issue where the language would be reset after switching languages and restarting
  • 🐞【Bug Fix】Fixed the issue where Console Tabs could not be scrolled



🎉🎉 We made it, we all made it~ 🎉🎉 After two months of delay, Chat2DB is back with a strong Pro version! 💪💪 Click here for details 👉 (opens in a new tab)

🚀 Major AI upgrade 🧠 A whole new experience of AI writing SQL: You can call up the AI assistant by typing "/" at any position in the SQL editing box, and exit by pressing esc 📝 Auto-complete SQL during the writing process, greatly improving SQL efficiency 🖱️ Right-click on the table to quickly generate test data 📊 AI generates data dashboards, now you just need to give instructions to the AI, and the entire dashboard can be quickly built

🎁 Open source Chat2DB-GLM fine-tuned SQL model Not only have we improved the capabilities of the product itself, but we have also decided to open source our own SQL model, which supports MySQL and PostgreSQL For more model details, click here 👉 (opens in a new tab)

🏗️ Architecture upgrade The new version of Chat2DB Pro has completely developed its own client architecture solution, reducing the startup time from the original 15s to 3s. The startup speed of java has also been reduced from the previous 12s to less than 1s. If you are interested in our technical implementation, you can keep following us, and we will reveal it to you later.

Let's look forward to and witness the changes brought by Chat2DB Pro together, and welcome you to join our journey to jointly promote the innovation in the field of data management and data analysis! 🎉🎉